one, big, great family.

united by our love for nature.

Sometimes a brand is more than just that. It's about passion, commitment, friendship and incredible moments together. Our family is always growing and evolving, finding the unique individuals along the way that share our vision and our true commitment to nature.

How does it work?


On the site you will be able to submit your application for our ambassador program. As these are long-term relationships, we run a careful selection process based on the information you provided. After completing the form and successfully submitting it, you will join the selection process with all the other applicants. The process has three selection stages and we will enrol a maximum of 4 ambassadors per-year. 


Who can participate?


You need to be 18 years or older and -not only- have an outstanding outdoor profile that aligns perfectly to our brand spirit but, also, you need to have a visible record of affinity with our brand. We are looking for the perfect match to join our team!


How do I benefit? 


Members of our team enjoy very benefits from product packages, to support for their projects, as well as collaboration with our partner brands and exposure to inside access to everything Fjällräven. You are basically one of our team and -as such- you're in a privilege position to contribute and enjoy our brand. 


How do I know if I qualify?


The selection process for our ambassador program is tough and very strict. You need to be a true Fjällräven lover to become an ambassador and we don't necessarily care about the amount of followers you have. Here we are looking for the quality, not the quantity and we will take the extra stretch to make sure the people we sign are the right candidate. If you have true passion for our brand and believe you can represent us better than anyone, then your chances are good!