We don'T want perfect stories. We want real stories.

We at Fjallraven understand how important is to work with our creative community. Our pool of influencers is something we value enormously and we strive to continually improve it. We want to give the chance to people to be part of our culture and carry our message of sustainability and harmony with nature. 


How does it work?


On the site you will be able to submit your application to join our pool of influencers. This way, you will be registered in our database for upcoming campaigns and promotion. When a new promotion -that fits your profile- arise, we will contact you, based on the data you provided, and give you all the information necessary to run the campaign.


Who can participate?


You need to be 18 years or older, have an interesting social media profile that aligns with our brand and, of course, be someone that loves nature. Every profile in our pool is carefully reviewed by our marketing team and we make sure that our influencers comply with the highest of standards. 


How do I benefit? 


We have different rates of payment, depending on the kind of campaign and how many influencer we need to use for a particular activation. This is in direct connection with the established price per post that you submit in you application form. Aside from this, being in our influencer pool means you can get access to exclusive events and activations, as well as early access to products and brand material.


How do I know if I qualify?


The selection process is manually done by our social media manager according to different criteria, depending on the requirements of the activation. You can also download our guidelines to see if your content, style and tone of voice fits what we are looking for. By submitting your application form you’re automatically joining our pool, given that you do not have any conditions that exclude you from the program.